Thursday, February 26, 2009

A true American Hero

My wife and her family have this running joke about the blighted neighborhood of her youth. She grew up in a suburb of Ann Arbor, Michigan. I grew up outside of Flint, Michigan (although it was a pretty nice small town, I will admit). So here she is with her blighted youth and tales of woe.

So last night she was telling me about a class she had in middle school where they got to do screen printing, block printing and design and create packaging for their own made up products. She was saying , "You would have loved that class!" Oh, the blight, I have to give her credit for being able to get through that and still make something of herself. How dare they subject kids to such things....

I think my favorite story is how her elementary Principal used to get up on the roof of the school and throw candy down to them. oh, the humanity!

Anyway this is a small tribute to kids who have had a rough go of it, keep the faith - things can turn around and just keep your nose to the grindstone, work hard and make the best of what you have!  By the way the singer featured here is Kay Pettigrew - Check her out here!

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Stephanie said...

I still remember seeing Sara's portrait in the display case :)