Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Respect for Louie

Sad News - In Memoriam -february 15, 2009

We regret to announce the unexpected passing of Louie Bellson on Feb 14, 2009.
Tenative plans are for an L.A. area funeral, followed by funeral and burial in Moline, Illinois, his boyhood home. Details forthcoming.

The Guestbook is now closed to new entries. Rather than write there, send your
Condolences and cards to:
Mrs. Louie Bellson
c/o Remo, Inc.
28101 Industry Drive
Valencia, CA 91355

Contributions in memory of Louie Bellson can be made to:
Emmanuel Baptist Church and mailed to Mrs. Bellson at the address above.

(text taken from Louie's website)

I was lucky enough to meet Louie a few times and to see him play in person.  Wow, what a great drummer and musician.  Louie, you will be missed!

Please enjoy this clip:


Mommasaurus said...

Wow! That's really somethin"! Glad you had the opp to hear him in person, Bud. Treasure it!
And, this answered my facebook question to you. Thanks!

Mark Terry said...

The kids are seriously into Jeff Dunham for comedy videos. Check them out if you haven't heard of him. Especially the ones with Akhmed the Dead Terrorist.