Tuesday, May 19, 2009

back at it.....?????

Its been a long while since I posted here, well anywhere.  I have been busy finishing my Practical Project Management course and sort of starting a new job.  Blue Hills Brewery

Anyway, Sara (my wife) has been in the last stretch of her last semester for her doctorate.  A lot of paper writing and I have been skating a bit as well. I lost one skate (WTF?) and had to guy a new pair.  We are working with a dog trainer for our Husky.  She got "attacked" and has been a little jumpy and assertive since then.  The training is going well.  We are not able to take her to our apartments dog park to play because she has realized that she can jump the fence.  So now are walking her even more and luckily we can mush her a bit on the bike (she pulls sometimes, most of the time she just runs along next to you).

As you can see we have been busy and we gots our problems........